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Turok: Mosaic Hunter

Each year's hop harvest is often thought of as a linear progression: present becomes the past all the while moving into the future. Unbeknownst to most of us, Turok: Mosaic Hunter, exists within a pseudo-Yakima, hop farms of the now & those that have yet to come, seeking out the best Mosaic for your IPA.

Part Time Lover

Pale Ale 5.5% ABV 30 IBU
Call me up, ring once, hang up the phone. I'll go to Cellarmaker anyways with a growler on loan. We are strangers by day, lovers by night, can’t stop thinking about that hoppy bite. If I'm with friends & we should meet, don't care if any of us get a seat. Knowing it's so wrong, but feeling so right, buy some jerky & chips to go with my pint. Hops: Galaxy, Simcoe, Citra & HBC344

Moonage Daydream

Pale Ale 5.4% ABV 39 IBU
We love Australian Galaxy hops & have been really happy with their quality lately. That’s why we decided to brew our original 100% Galaxy beer, Moonage Daydream. This pale ale is super crushable with a light, crackery malt character & pungent mango and pine aromas from the hops. This one will make you freak out! Drink more pale ale!

Pastry Program #4

Dessert 11.5% ABV 50 IBU

Is your favorite part of eating ice cream slurping the melted goodness at the bottom of the bowl? Then get ready for a beer that reminds us more of drinking a chocolate milkshake than beer. Pastry Program #4 continues the lineage of dessert flavors infused into a rich, decadent stout with a double chocolate explosion from 10 lbs per barrel of Cru cacao nibs from the Dominican Republic, Haiti and Nicaragua as well as Dutch processed cocoa.

Farmer Direct: Flavor Supreme Pluot

BA Sour with Fruit 6.2% ABV 27 IBU
We blended stainless fermented and oak aged mixed culture beers on top of super ripe and red juice dripping Flavor Supreme Pluots from Kashiwase Farms in Winton, California. We then further aged the beer in neutral red wine barrels until the fruit refermentation was complete and the flavors were smooth and complex. This is an amazing expression of the fruit’s aromatics and intense juicy flavor. Closing your eyes you can almost taste the skin and flesh. The beer finishes with notes of earthy hops and a clean acidity.


Pale Ale 5.6% ABV 40 IBU
We got our hands on a new experimental hop coming out of Yakima that has real potential. Due to the limited quantities of HBC 586, we had to supplement the dry hopping with some Simcoe. Look for aromas of grapefruit and lemon as well as spicy pine. A distinct black pepper and lime pith flavor follows.

Bourbon Bbl Imperial Coffee & Cigarettes

BA Imperial Porter 13.7% ABV 45 IBU
After 14 months in Willet Bourbon barrels, Imperial Coffee and Cigarettes, our strong smoked coffee porter, has been transformed. Even more silky, enlivened with rich tannins and hints of bourbon, layered with notes of vanilla and bold Sightglass dark roast coffee, this is a beer meant to be sipped and studied. Allow the glass to warm for several minutes to allow all of the elements to show themselves.

Another Bad Omen

Porter 5.3% ABV 35 IBU
Unforeseen elements arrive and clash and another bad omen emerges. As we transition from Winter to Summer, Spring weather can be unpredictable. We have brewed a seasonal porter that is chewy and rich yet has a restrained ABV for sessionable crushing, good for cold or hot days alike.


DH Fruited Sour 6.3% ABV 25 IBU
This is the second installment in our one fruit/one hop mixed culture series. We brewed a barrel aged sour ale with a heavy hand of Simcoe, an already melon forward hop. We then conditioned it on California grown Ambrosia melon from Country Rhodes Family Farm for a crazy, over the top Jolly Rancher like melon aroma and flavor. Super juicy and intriguing! 

Insanity Lager

Czech-Style Amber Lager 5.3% ABV 25 IBU
If you like a beer with a tasty balance between spicy hops & bready malts, this is the beer for you. We brewed Insanity Lager with biscuity & nutty Maris Otter and Munich malts juxtaposed against lemony & earthy Liberty & Tradition hops. Fermented & lagered for six weeks with a Czech yeast for extra complexity & richness.

Lost Wisdom

A singular fermenter in our brewery has been dedicated to a continuous fermentation by yeast and bacteria for over a year. This saison is the product of that fermentation. After 6 weeks in the stainless steel, the beer is keg conditioned for many months to allow the yeast to express itself. This keg is from Batch #3 released earlier this year.

Dobis Plus

This single hopped pale ale uses copious amounts of Citra hops to achieve a complex tasting experience. The Scottish Golden Promise malt presents a graham cracker like base for the Citra which infuses the brew with aromas of passionfruit, mango and peach and flavors of grapefruit rind and spice.

Pretty Bird

Pale Ale
Mock! Yeah! Just when I think you couldn’t possibly be any dumber, you go and do something like this… and totally redeem yourself. Pretty Bird is our new pale ale hopped with Mosaic & Centennial with just a dash of Simcoe. So you’re telling me there’s a chance. Well no because you can’t triple stamp a double stamp. We got no food, we got no jobs, our pets heads are falling off!

A Natural, Zesty Enterprise

Wheat Beer
Lactose Wheat with lemon juice and zest

Little Dipster

Helles lager, in collaboration with Resident Culture Brewing in Charlotte, NC