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Are you a family friendly establishment?

We are a 21+ brewery and do not allow any persons under the age of 21.

Do you accept reservations?

We operate on a first come first serve basis. If you’d like to get a table, come on in and pay attention to groups that look to be wrapping up. Due to our lack of food we find that our tables tend to turn over pretty quickly.

Do you sell giftcards?

Yes! They are available in the tasting room or on our online store.

Do you sell kegs to individuals for home consumption?

We do not. We wish we could but our brewery is too small right now.

Do you host private parties?

We would never want to close our tasting room to the public on a day we are supposed to be open. We are closed Mondays, if you’d like to book us on a Monday please email us.

Do you allow dogs?

Only service dogs are allowed in the tasting room.

Do you serve wine?

Our “small beer manufacturer” alcohol license only allows us to serve beers brewed in house. No guest taps, no wine, no spirits. We wish we could at least serve a cider to accommodate those who are gluten free but our license simply does not allow for this.

Do you sell kegs to bars outside of the Bay Area?

Right now our focus is on bars that are super close to us. Most styles of beer do not travel very well, especially the hoppy ones.  For quality control reasons we have chosen to keep the vast majority of our beer in local accounts.

Is your beer available in bottles anywhere?

If you’d like to stay on top of our bottled releases, follow us on Facebook or Twitter and you’ll find out everything you need to know.  You can also check out our bottles tab on this website.

We’d like to serve your beer in our establishment. Who is your distributor and can I get your beer?

We are a very small neighborhood brewery and our tasting room naturally receives priority for our beer.  We self distribute our beers for the purpose of maintaining control and consistency.  When our beer leaves our brewery’s coldbox it goes straight to the account’s coldbox and is kept out of the sun, away from warm temperatures and served very quickly.  We aim to establish good working relationships with bars and restaurants we highly respect and that is where you will find our beers.  Legally we can not publish a list of where our beer is sold but the general triangle of coverage if you will is Rohnert Park, CA to Santa Cruz, CA to Dublin, CA.  We try to bring beer down to San Diego 2-3x a year as well.  We are currently brewing and distributing our beer at full capacity with accounts we love and enjoy working with.  While we are not interested in bumping any of them, it never hurts to make your presence known and to contact us if you are interested in carrying our beer in the future when we may add more capacity.  Feel free to email if interested.

Does your brewer really have a rat tail?


May I see a sample menu?

Sample menu