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1150 Howard Street, San Francisco, CA 94103

What’s On Tap At Cellarmaker

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Mo’ Dorado

IPA 6.8% ABV 70 IBU
The latest in our 2 hop series with the always amazing Mosaic. This time El Dorado joins Mosaic for this West Coast IPA. The aroma is of ripe honeydew melon, cara cara orange, Douglas fir needles and Meyer lemon. The flavor follows suit with piney accents to grapefruit pith and cane syrup drenched biscuits. West Coast is the Best Coast!

Kilning Me Softly

IPA 6.8 % ABV 60 IBU
There are a few points in the processing of hops that their beautiful aromatics can be accidentally driven off or altered negatively. During kilning, the wet, freshly picked hops sit in a bed while hot air is pumped through them. A perfectly kilned hop will retain just the right amount of moisture as well as those juicy aromas. This beer contains 2018 Simcoe and Citra fresh out of the kiln!

Mt. Cook

IPA 7.2% ABV 62 IBU
First you climbed Mt. Nelson, then you tackled Double Mt. Nelson, now you are ready for the true challenge. Mt. Cook is the highest mountain in New Zealand. This IPA is dedicated to that giant beauty and made with the bounty of the hops grown on the Island. This beer is highly hopped with New Zealand Cascade, Nelson, Riwaka & Motueka. This delicious brew will get you to the highest peak and beyond.

Midnight Silk

Black Lager 4.5% ABV 21 IBU
With an enticing French roast coffee aroma, rich and nutty 70% cacao chocolate bar comes to mind when sipping this smooth black lager. Midnight Silk isn’t flashy, but isn’t understated either. This is a beer drinker’s beer meant for long drinking sessions filled with good conversation or quiet contemplation.

Wizard Hand of Evil

Wizard Hand of Evil is a sinisterly drinkable IPA with aromas of just ripened pineapple and Bartlett pears. A balanced malt profile and just enough bitterness on the back to make you go back for another sip. The all-seeing eye that sees! Hops: Mosaic, Nelson Sauvin & Idaho 7.

Radio Edit

Pale Ale 5.7% ABV 28 IBU
Radio Edit is a hazy West Coast pale ale. The haze comes from protein and a high rate of dry hopping that leaves the beer opaque. The West Coast part means it's aggressive with crisp hop flavor, an assertive bitterness and a lingering grassy finish. Well hopped with Galaxy, Citra and Motueka the beer has aromas and flavors of lemon and orange peel, jasmine, melon and pine.

Orange Julian

IPA 7.3% ABV 45 IBU
A big old IPA brewed with oats and wheat and an abundance of hops as well as double dry hopped. The high ester producing yeast adds an intriguing pineapple and mango quality to an over the top hop expression from Simcoe, Mosaic, Citra and Nelson Sauvin hops. This IPA was originally brewed for Beachwood BBQ Seal Beach's 10th anniversary.

Hip Hip, Beret!

French Country Ale 4.8% ABV 40 IBU

Hip Hip Beret has a distinct resemblance to a beer from the north of France which we enjoy very much. Brewed with wheat, oats, Munich and pilsner malts, hopped singularly with pithy English Bramling Cross and fermented with a unique strain of yeast that gives off hints of enticing spice. A complex yet easy drinker with a hoppy bite.

Campy Vibes

IPA 7.7% ABV 42 IBU
This audacious IPA ticks all the boxes of our approach to west coast haze. Wheat malt contributes to its silky and soft palate; Citra, Riwaka and Motueka hops lend notes of sweet Meyer lemon cake; and a smooth finish results in dangerous drinkability. We resist deeming this beer postmodern, but we do believe it would taste most perfect at a clown wake or a Dusty Springfield karaoke party.

Dry Creek Valley AVA Grenache

Beer-Wine Hybrid 8% ABV 20 IBU
Wine is the fermented juice of grapes, but much of the flavor in wine comes from the skins while the pressed juice ferments around them. For this beer-wine hybrid we conditioned barrel-aged sour beer on the skins of Grenache grapes from Dry Creek Valley. These skins were not present during fermentation of the juice that was held within so they offered up all the flavor they had at harvest to our beer.

Shrub Logix

Stout 7.8% ABV 15 IBU
Perhaps you already know that exotic and fantastical fruit vectors emerge from the deepest non-consciousness of shrubbery? Shrub Logix is a rich stout that conjoins two such fruit vectors, the blueberry and the coffee bean, with Tahitian Vanilla to challenge the rational boundaries of the shrubiverse. This beer was created in collaboration with our friends at Modern Times.

Pastry Program #3

Pastry Program #3 11.5% ABV 50 IBU
The third installment in our series of decadent stouts. #3 is a chewy, gooey stout which has loads of dark chocolate, French roast coffee and marshmallow flavors. We then infuse the beer with immense amounts of Madagascar vanilla and then lesser amounts of Sightglass coffee, Cru cacao nibs, chiles and cinnamon for pie and ice cream like rich aromas and flavors.

Bourbon Blammo!

Bourbon BA Coconut Stout 15% ABV 50 IBU
13 months in Heaven Hill Bourbon barrels has done this Imperial Stout well. After picking up vanilla and toffee notes from the barrel, we conditioned Blammo! on 21 lbs per barrel of organic coconut for over the top aromas of toasted marshmallow, Mounds bar and Kahlua mudslides. This beer tells a story so let it warm up and get ready to listen.

Grape Shorty

MC Fruited Ale 5.5% ABV 16 IBU
After a beer sees fruit, the fruit usually still has a little love to give. The syrah grapes in Grape Shorty had already seen a barrel aged sour, but we steeped them again in fresh beer to extract even more. The result is a tart crushable ale with hints of strawberry, raspberry and rosé wine.


A single hop IPA exploration of a hop we don’t use much here at Cellarmaker. Amarillo is one of those hops that is hard to pin down. We haven’t seen much of high quality until recently; so we are excited to bring you an Amarillo extravaganza! Orange and lemon zest aromas and a distinct piney bite that Amarillo delivers better than any other.

Friendly Reminder: We Are A 21+ Establishment

It is our goal to keep your taste buds intrigued by constantly producing different flavors

Cellarmaker Brewing Company

We are a San Francisco brewery producing small batches of experimental beers. It is our goal to keep your taste buds intrigued by constantly producing different flavors. To us, making the same 3-4 beers all the time would be boring in many ways. We hope you feel the same way and will make it out to our tasting room to sample our brews.  You just might find some of our beer out in the wild too (we’re on tap in about 25 Bay Area accounts, it is our intention to keep distribution local for many reasons).  Our limited output and choice to abandon the common concept of a set production schedule (and flagship beers) will allow us to constantly experiment with different hops, grains, barrels, and yeasts.

Since hoppy beers are the go-to for most people (us included), we generally have 3-5 hop-driven beers on tap in the tasting room most of the time.  We strive to make juicy + aromatic hoppy beers, not bitter.  Aside from the hoppy beers, we try to have a well balanced taplist; a little bit of something for everyone.  Expect to see a few dark and roasty options, something bright and effervescent, something Belgian inspired and something on the lighter side. The taplist on this page is up to date 99% of the time.

At the tasting room you will find our beers available in 5oz tasters, half pints, pints, as well as 1 Liter and 64oz growlers to go.  We sell amber colored glass growlers of the 1L and 64oz size with our logo for $8. We also sell stainless steel growlers with our logo, 1L for $20 and 2L for $25. We will fill 750ml, 32oz, 1L, 64oz and 2L growlers that have zero logos showing or have the logos properly covered. For more details on our growler policy (we try to be as liberal as legally possible with growlers) check out our growlers page. It should answer all of your questions.