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  • Double Moonage
    Double IPA / 8.2 ABV / 75 IBU

    “Moonage Daydream” is a Galaxy single hopped pale ale that Cellarmaker brews on occasion. Double Moonage is our double IPA version of that beer. Hopped with a crazy 6 lbs. per barrel of Galaxy and fermented with a more expressive yeast than our normal California ale yeast, Double Moonage is packed with crazy organoleptic fruit and pine qualities that will make your head spin!

  • The Glow
    Pale Ale / 5.7 ABV / 36 IBU

    Motueka and Citra hops provide a Satsuma zest nose with pleasantly bitter tropical tang and candy apricot on a familiar costal New Zealand hop flavor undertone. We had to sprinkle The Glow with a little Simcoe and Mosaic for some of that west coast dankness that we love. It’s got that Cellarmaker glow!

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    Turok Juice
    IPA / 6.6 ABV / 25 IBU

    We applied our expressive yeast blend to our tried and true “Turok: Mosaic Hunter“ recipe. Hopped with 3 different lots of incredible, specially selected Mosaic hops this beer is truly dynamic and shows off one of our favorite varieties. Notes of stonefruit, melon, and resin with an incredibly pungent aroma!

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    Double Mad Nibs
    Imperial Chocolate Milk Stout / 10.8 ABV / 25 IBU

    We took our cocoa nib and vanilla bean milk stout recipe and gave it the imperial treatment. Decadent as can be, this imperial milk stout has been aged on Madagascar vanilla beans & TCHO cocoa nibs. Warning: contains lactose!

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    Babooshka Ya-Ya
    Baltic Porter / 7.9 ABV / 31 IBU

    Baltic Porters are ideal for winter months in the Bay Area. A little more generous on ABV, restrained body due to being lagered, pleasant but not overwhelming roast/hop character. We lagered this one for just over a month and used the legendary Augustiner Yeast. Notes of dark cocoa, earthy coffee, baked bread. Subtle acidity.

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    2 Barz
    IPA / 6.7 ABV / 40 IBU

    We made an intense juice/hop bomb for The Trappist in Oakland’s 10th Anniversary. This one is hopped w/Citra in the boil and dry hopped w/Mosaic, Centennial and Galaxy. The hops and the yeast interplay to provide intense notes of mango, unripe pineapple, tangerine and fresh cut pine. Cheers to the legends at the Trappist for doing this craft beer thing before it was cool.

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    Major Hazer
    IPA / 6.5 ABV / 30 IBU

    Party all day & party all night with beer so hazy you can see no light. We spun this beer up for Drake’s Hazy Daze of Winter Fest. This beer is packed full of Motueka, Mosaic, Citra & Nelson hops that tango around your tongue. It has an expressive yeast to keep your taste buds dancing. Notes of tropical fruit, grapefruit pith & spice shimmy through this brew & keep you on your toes.

  • Lost Wisdom
    Solera Saison / 6% ABV / 7 IBU

    A singular fermenter in our brewery has been dedicated to a continuous fermentation by yeast and bacteria for over a year. This saison is the product of that fermentation. After 6 weeks in the stainless steel, the beer is keg conditioned for many months to allow the yeast to express itself.

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    Legally Bitter
    American Bitter / 3.9% ABV / 28 IBU

    The verdict’s in, Cellarmaker loves bitters! We have no objection to making full flavored, low alcohol, crushable beers. We brew Legally Bitter with a significant portion of spicy rye plus English crystal malts which bring a nice nutty, toffee like character. We singularly hopped this ale with HBC 344, an experimental hop variety with citrus, floral and earthy notes.

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    Tim's Brown
    Brown Ale / 6.8 ABV / 24 IBU

    A hoppy brown ale very close to our heart. Tim has been brewing this beer since his early days as a homebrewer. It’s a recipe he has constantly adjusted in his efforts to make a deliciously floral, piney, somewhat hoppy, brown ale. This beer is loaded with flavors from the rich malts and a pleasantly firm but not overbearing bitterness. The end result is a damn tasty brown ale with a nice hop kick.

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    Coconut Imp Stout / 13.5 ABV / 70 IBU

    Coming in at a whopping 13.5%, this is BLAMMO! This is a decadent stout that was conditioned on over 8 lbs per barrel of coconut. Your first sip reveals a rich beer with flavors of intense roasted malts, dark chocolate, subtle smoke and mouth-coating coconut oils. The finish is woody and earthy with hints of bitter raw cacao and more coconut. It’s better than bad it’s good!

  • Manhattan Vastness Of Space
    BA Imp Stout / 11.5% ABV / 45 IBU

    14 months ago we were fortunate to procure these High West Whiskey Barrels that further aged the same rye whiskey in addition to vermouth & bitters to form a barrel aged Manhattan cocktail. We filled these barrels with our traditional imperial stout. The result is a layered stout with aromas/flavors of wood & rye spice, currant & chocolate & a touch of herbal bitters & vermouth.