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Farmer Direct: Earlirich Peach

BA Sour with Fruit 6.5% ABV 21 IBU
Crammed with amazing Earlirich peaches from Kashiwase Farms, we created the perfect blend of barrel aged &  barrel aged mixed culture beers, further aged the blend in oak on super juicy, drippingly ripe organic peaches from California. Like most of our fruited sours, we hand processed real fruit fresh from farmers have formed relations with in order to bring you an incredibly potent & luscious Cali fruit & beer experience.


IPA 6.2% ABV 34 IBU

We took those classic C hops that your dad knows and loves -- Chinook, Citra, Centennial and New Zealand Cascade -- and ran it through our Cellarmaker IPA machine to make our house C-HoP IPA. A maltbill of over 30% oats smoothly delivers hop-derived notes of fresh Valencia orange peel and pine. Pairs perfectly with Detroit-style pizza and Mission burritos. 

Yolo Once!

IPA 6.6% ABV 45 IBU

They say you only Yolo we threw a bunch of rare New Zealand Riwaka hops alongside healthy doses of American Simcoe, Mosaic and Citra. Notes of passionfruit, stonefruit, rambutan flesh, star fruit and subtle resin. Bright and unique. 

Seven Wonders

Pale Ale 5.7% ABV 31 IBU
Cellarmaker selected our seven favorite hops and used them strategically to maximize their best qualities. Come experience the rainbow's edge of Citra, Mosaic, Sterling, Nelson, Sabro, Simcoe and Motueka. We used to use Southern Passion instead of Sabro but have removed the former hop due to the fact it is sold by an InBev (Budweiser) owned farm.

Farmer Direct: Flavor Supreme Pluot

BA Sour with Fruit 6.2% ABV 27 IBU
We blended stainless fermented and oak aged mixed culture beers on top of super ripe and red juice dripping Flavor Supreme Pluots from Kashiwase Farms in Winton, California. We then further aged the beer in neutral red wine barrels until the fruit refermentation was complete and the flavors were smooth and complex. This is an amazing expression of the fruit’s aromatics and intense juicy flavor. Closing your eyes you can almost taste the skin and flesh. The beer finishes with notes of earthy hops and a clean acidity.

Bourbon Bbl Imperial Coffee & Cigarettes

BA Imperial Porter 13.7% ABV 45 IBU
After 14 months in Willet Bourbon barrels, Imperial Coffee and Cigarettes, our strong smoked coffee porter, has been transformed. Even more silky, enlivened with rich tannins and hints of bourbon, layered with notes of vanilla and bold Sightglass dark roast coffee, this is a beer meant to be sipped and studied. Allow the glass to warm for several minutes to allow all of the elements to show themselves.

Jammy Pants – Great Notion

Kettle Sour 7% ABV
An ode to all the parents out there and our love of fruit beers. This kettle sour was fermented with 'pantfulls' of marionberry, boysenberry and blueberry puree. Drink up now because it's time to get your Jammy Pants on!

Orange Creamsicle – Great Notion

Milkshake IPA 7% ABV
Amarillo and Motueka hops, orange puree, vanilla, and milk sugar converge in this delicious interpretation of a childhood favorite.

Tell Me Lies – Cloudburst

Helles Lager 4.5% ABV

Cask 200 – Sante Adairius

Solera Saison 6.5% ABV
Named after our 660 gallon "oval," Cask 200 is a celebration of the unexpected and an experiment in variation. Each time we package a portion of its contents, fresh beer is added back to Cask 200 to mix and re-ferment with the aged beer still inside. While this solera-style saison will vary with each bottling, you can expect a delicate malt base supported by funky, yeast-derived flavors and a dry, acidic finish. Sante!

Grandma Take Me Home – Cloudburst

Brown Ale 7.5% ABV
Imperial Coconut Oatmeal Brown. Mom and Dad went to a show, They dropped me off at Cloudburst yo, I kicked and screamed, said please don’t go, Grandma Take Me Home, I went inside and drank my beer, It was brown and strong and sweet, Toasted coconut wow that is neat, I woke up in my mother’s arms, Grandma Take Me Home