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3193 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94110

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BA Sour with Fruit 7.2% ABV
This is the first release in a series of single hop and single fruit barrel-aged sour ales. We fermented this blend on an immense amount of mango purée and dry hopped it with Mosaic hops. The base is a blend of aged and younger barrels of sour ale and saison that bring a lively acidity and white wine flavors. The beer is divinely juicy with Kern's nectar level fruit. Adding to the huge mango quality is a funky, resinous Mosaic hoppiness that layers in further fruit, but also pine sap and guava.

Alien LifeForm

IPA 6.8% ABV 62 IBU
This new IPA is totally out of this world! Hiding inside your glass is a massive amount of Galaxy & a cosmic dusting of Simcoe, Mosaic & Centennial. This exploration in flavor reminds us of a day trip to Melmac, a different world with a green sky, blue grass & a purple sun. This should quench your vast appetite for hop forward flavors… and beyond!


Pale Ale 5.7% ABV 36 IBU
Dobis is our 100% Citra hopped pale ale that starts with lots of Scottish Golden Promise malt to create a graham cracker base. Then Citra brings forth lots of pineapple, mandarin, citrus, and mango. We love Citra, it is super juicy and flavorful. This is the first beer in a long line of brews that we make hopped only with it. Cheers to the OG Dobis!

Coffee & Cigarettes

Smoked Coffee Porter 7.3% ABV 45 IBU
A lightly smoked coffee porter made with a touch of German beechwood smoked malt as well as high quality English malts to create a chocolaty, roasty, base beer. This time we added Mostra Fortissimo espresso beans--a blend of Brazil, Guatemala, Indonesia Sumatra, and Ethiopia Yirgacheffe--to add complex layers of nutty chocolate and rich earthiness.

Zest Side Story

Blonde Ale 6.1% ABV 18 IBU
A dry & crushable blonde ale that achieves a harmonious balance between the elements of pilsner & wheat malts, citrus forward hops, an aromatic yeast and a touch of lemon zest. This is a perfect beer to drink in the resurgence of the hot weather! You have the magic!

Bourbon Best Fiends

BA Porter 9.8% ABV 50 IBU
We aged our strong porter, Best Fiends, in Willet Bourbon barrels for ten months. The beer exits the barrel transformed with richer dark chocolate notes, hints of tobacco and fruit leather as well as woody barrel notes that lend a hint of vanilla. The booze is well integrated, not overpowering what is on the smaller end of the dark beers we would ever put in a spirit barrel.

Sonic Nurse

Pilsner 4.2% ABV 44 IBU
Look what the nurse brought you: your daily dose of pils! Here at Cellarmaker, all patients & customers are required to take their pils. No buts! Classic German Pilsner with 100% German pilsner malt & Hallertau Mittelfrüh and Hersbrucker hops for a bready, spicy flavor & crackery, floral aromas. 100% naturally carbonated for lively bubbles that release the aroma & add a refreshing bite.

Lost Wisdom

Solera Saison 6% ABV 7 IBU
A singular fermenter in our brewery has been dedicated to a continuous fermentation by yeast and bacteria for over a year. This saison is the product of that fermentation. After 6 weeks in the stainless steel, the beer is keg conditioned for many months to allow the yeast to express itself. This is batch date 6/14/18 for those who are taking note.  Bottles still available 🙂

Simcoe Sessions

Single Hop Pale Ale 6.2% ABV 37 IBU
Hop sourcing is not as straight forward as it might seem; especially for a brewery as small as Cellarmaker. Everyone loves Simcoe hops, but Simcoe isn't Simcoe, isn't Simcoe. There are many different farms & there can be variation (farm to farm & year to year). After some trial & error, we have assembled worthwhile techniques to brewing with the best Simcoe out there. We believe the effort comes through in the flavor.


They say you only Yolo we threw a bunch of rare New Zealand Riwaka hops alongside healthy doses of American Simcoe, Mosaic, Citra and Columbus. Notes of passionfruit, stonefruit, and subtle resin. Bright and unique.

Growers – Alvarado Street

Pale Ale 5.5% ABV
Dedicated to the Ag workers of the Salinas Valley, this is a juicy, hop forward beer that drinks more like an IPA than a traditional balanced American pale ale. The yeast strain produces nectarine-like, stone fruit esters which blend beautifully with dank hops like Eureka, Mosaic & Azacca. Enjoy this rather hazy interpretation of what we think is a damn delicious hoppy pale ale.

Happy Hops – Russian River

Happy Hops was originally brewed by the Grace Brothers Brewery in 1944 right here in Santa Rosa! Their brewery went out of business in the 1960’s, but we wanted to resurrect “Happy” and a new fun beer for him to enjoy! It is also a way for us to pay homage to the Grace Family and their brewing pioneer history. Happy Hops is an incredibly hoppy India Pale Ale with an immense hop aroma and flavor and a mild bitterness.

Orange Pet Cat – Highland Park

Saison 9% ABV
Orange wine inspired ale with 2 months of Chardonnay grape skin contact. Super fun and drinkable.

Saison Bernice – Sante Adairius

Mixed Cultured Saison 6.5% ABV
Saison Bernice is an exquisitely fermented farmhouse ale. Dry and refreshing Bernice is made of the freshest on-hand and locally available ingredients. She saw multiple yeast additions including Brettanomyces and keg conditioning.