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Questionable Origins #2

This is the second installment in the Questionable Origins series. It uses the same malts as #1, which is to say two. We keep the malt simple to focus on the hops. We feature Nelson Sauvin as the hop of choice in this strong pale ale. Nelson is Tim’s favorite hop. It is instantly recognizable […]

Are You Afraid of the Dank?

Not only are we not afraid of the dank at Cellarmaker, we outright search it out. We really only want to give you the best dankiest dank around so we created our first double I.P.A. in the dank lord’s image. We hope you enjoy this resin caked hop monster that we crammed with Mosaic, Simcoe, […]

Hop Killah I.P.A.

187 on a mother #%$*#&* HOP! Hop Killah is a deceivingly potent IPA at 7.2% ABV but super smooth and hopped with Citra and Simcoe. It has a great flower character with a little black pepper spice and tropical fruit. The flavor is of resinous pine, dried fruits, and a nutty malt character from the […]

Moonage Daydream

Galaxy hops come all the way from Australia. We feel bad for these little guys. They travel so far and we feel like they don’t get their due respect so we decided to feature them in their own beer. Moonage Daydream is the next ale in our series of 100% single hopped beers. It is […]


I’ve named this ale after my beautiful niece. As the only blonde in the family, it seemed appropriate to bestow upon this American blonde ale her name. We used two of our favorite American hops, Amarillo and Centennial, and New Zealand Motueka to create an intense citrus experience. Aromas of lemon and lime, orange candy, […]

Midnight Society Stout

Submitted for your approval is our first stout, which like many of our beers achieves a high level of flavor with a more sessionable alcohol content. Although 5.5% ABV is not technically a session beer, we think it has the complexity of an export stout well over 6%. This ale is rich with chocolatey and […]

The First Brews and Opening

With eight brews down, I’m feeling extremely satisfied with how they’re turning out. Even a brewer with decades of experience would feel apprehensive in front of a brand new brewing system, so you can imagine I was tense and anxiety ridden. Luckily, Premier Stainless, the manufacturer of the system, sends an employee to do the […]

Peach Nightmare

We took half the batch of Petit Sour and put it on 350 pounds of hand chopped peaches. Taking 8 hours of laborious dicing, the process was less than dreamy. In fact we could only call it what it was, a Peach Nightmare. This fruit infused sour ale is a special release available at our […]

Dobis P.A.

We are firm believers in letting ingredients speak for themselves. Over crowding recipes with numerous ingredients can often times obfuscate complexity, not deepen it. Dobis P.A. is a lesson in just that, simplicity. We single hopped this pale ale with one of our favorite hops, Citra. It’s tropical aromatics of papaya and mango and its […]


I’ve been wanting to brew a grisette ever since trying Oxbow Brewing’s Loretta a little over a year ago. Our version of this wheat saison is as pale in color as it is sessionable. We used the highest quality Belgian pilsner malt and German wheat, a kiss of Tettnang and Celeia hops, and a carefully […]

Final touches/First Brew Soon

I had a bad day last week. Our heat exchanger (HX, from here on out) in the brewhouse, I discovered (rather late in the game), is single stage, not two stage. This means that the hot wort (unfermented beer) coming out of the kettle is being cooled by only the ambient temperature water coming in […]

Goodbye Marin, Hello San Francisco

Cellarmaker is nearing completion! I have officially left Marin Brewing and now full time at my new Howard Street location. I’m up in a storage area ordering the numerous parts, instruments, tubing, and chemicals that it takes to put the finishing touches on a brewery that was built from scratch. Honestly, it is a little […]

Progress and Upcoming Hill Farmstead Trip (May)

Construction is well under way at Cellarmaker. I’ve been working with Connor mostly via phone because I am still working at Marin Brewing Co. My time has been spent dialing in elements of the brewery design and layout as well as helping Connor procure the hops we will need to come out right away with […]

Petit Sour

This American Sour was soured in the brew kettle with lactobacillus and then further fermented with Sacchromyces Cerevisiae. Its perfect tartness melds seamlessly with its grainy pilsner malt base. A perfect beer for a hot summer day or anytime your mouth wants to pucker up. A portion of each batch of Petit Sour will be divided up […]

Questionable Origins #1 Pale Ale

Extremely sessionable meets highly flavored with this San Francisco treat. A simple malt bill lets the true heroes, the hops, shine. 100% Wet Mosaic Hops are freshly harvested in Yakima Washington and shipped overnight to Cellarmaker.  These bad boys arrive less than 24 hours after they have been picked from the bine (yes, bine).  They […]

Batch 1 Porter

This English porter is an example of the delicate balance between complex English malts and fine European hops. Scottish Golden Promise barley, American two-row pale malt and two different types of English chocolate malts create a subtle chocolate cereal character supporting an earthy, orangey flavor and aroma from Slovenian Celeia hops.

Hop Slangin’ IPA

For our first IPA at Cellarmaker Brewing we wanted to utilized the freshest, tastiest, most aromatic hops we could get our hands on. Opening not long after the Southern Hemisphere hop harvest, Connor and I sought out two of our favorite hops: New Zealand Nelson Sauvin, and Australian Galaxy. We also threw in a significant […]

Dear Fellow Beer Fanatics

This is my blog, my journal, my… DIARY? I want it to first and foremost bridge the gap between brewer and consumer. As I retell the experiences and growing pains of Cellarmaker Brewing Co., I hope that you as readers will ask questions, comment and criticize and further your Cellarmaker experience as well as mine