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What’s On Tap At Cellarmaker

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    Galaxy Blaster
    IPA / 7 % ABV / 49 IBU

    A surprising fact: we’ve never brewed a single hop Australian Galaxy IPA. When we realized this, because of our continually rotating menu, we were able to get one right on the schedule! Galaxy, with it’s crazy tropical aroma that’s laced with zesty tangerine and ginger spice, is one of those hops that doesn’t require other hops with it to make a beer pop. We did, however, ferment with an expressive yeast which just amplifies everything!

  • Mango/Mosaic
    Dry Hopped BA Sour w/ Fruit / 7.5 % ABV / 14 IBU

    This is the first release in a series of single hop and single fruit barrel-aged sour ales. We fermented this blend on an immense amount of mango purée and dry-hopped it with Mosaic hops.  The beer is divinely juicy with Kern’s nectar level fruit. Adding to the huge mango quality is a funky, resinous Mosaic hoppiness that layers in further fruit, but also pine sap and guava.

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    Secret Stache
    IPA / 6.4% ABV / 40 IBU

    A juicy hazy IPA that utilizes yeast and hops to create a robustly tropical experience. An expressive yeast as well as Southern Hemisphere hops Vic Secret, Nelson Sauvin, and Motueka deliver ripe mango, dragon fruit and lychee aromas as well as hints of cantaloupe and orange juice. This is an over the top aromatic beer but a sip reveals a smooth flavor without the distraction of the burn from over hopping or any yeast bite.

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    Esoteric Beer Name
    IPA / 6.8 % ABV / 34 IBU

    Ah yes, it’s another esoteric beer name. It sounds like it could refer to something really fascinating, but there’s no guessing what that is. Oh, and don’t even try and pronounce it. You don’t want to show anyone you don’t get it. Just order by the style, the bartender will probably say it for clarification. There we go: a cold glass of Sippican Alluvium. (Hops: Strata, Galaxy, Citra)

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    Season of the Wit
    Belgian Wit / 5.5 % ABV / 15 IBU

    You might not think of us as witbier drinkers seeing there’s so much hoppy beer on the beer board; but we love a light, easy drinking beer that’s has soft flavors and doesn’t require much rumination. We brewed this traditional Belgian wit (white) ale with a wit yeast, loads of wheat & oats, & then gently hopped with Wai-iti & gently spiced with Haitian bitter orange peel & coriander seed. Cheers to summer, the season of the wit!

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    ALS In Chains III
    Milk Shake IPA / 6.4% ABV / 35 IBU

    This is our first “milkshake IPA,” a new style sweeping the country. We used lactose sugar (unfermentable), pineapple and pomegranate purée and vanilla to make a dessert smoothie like IPA. It is hopped well like and IPA (we used the Ales for ALS blend) but has residual sweetness, vanilla and fruit. We are donating $1 from every pint of this beer to Ales for ALS.


  • Lost Wisdom
    Solera Saison / 6% ABV / 7 IBU

    A singular fermenter in our brewery has been dedicated to a continuous fermentation by yeast and bacteria for over a year. This saison is the product of that fermentation. After 6 weeks in the stainless steel, the beer is keg conditioned for many months to allow the yeast to express itself. This is batch date 3/14/18 for those who are taking note.

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    Electric Eye
    Pale Ale / 5.9 % ABV / 38 IBU

    Electric Eye has a pretty evenly split up hopping of Nelson, Galaxy and Simcoe which makes this another delicious Cellarmaker juice bomb. Ripe mango and candy orange aromas launch out of the glass in an intense olfactory ignition. The flavor is of smooth and silky malt with a touch of piney hops to balance the light sweetness. It’s nice and cloudy for maximum mouthfeel, flavor and aroma.

  • Wicked Juicy
    IPA / 7% ABV / 45 IBU

    In California we say HELLA, but in Boston they say WICKED… We brewed Wicked Juicy as our 1st attempt at creating an IPA in the style of the great hop-forward brewers in the Northeast. Now it is a favorite! We make this one with Simcoe, Citra & Galaxy hops along with a simple grist of pale malt & oats & fermented it warm with English ale yeast. It’s totally unfiltered, dude!

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    Coffee Sessions: Mostra
    Coffee Porter / 6 % ABV / 15 IBU

    Born out of the desire to have a clean, approachable iced coffee like beer, Coffee Sessions is purposely brewed as a straight forward constructed porter with lactose for some sweetness that showcases coffee from a revolving list of roasters. This batch features an exclusive blend called “Fortissimo” made just for us by Mostra Coffee down in San Diego. Coffees include: Brazilian Oberon, Sumatran, Guatemalan, and Yirgacheffe.

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    Contains Nuts #3
    Strong Ale / 7.7% ABV / 25 IBU

    Contains Nuts #3 is a strong ale reminiscent of a mini Barleywine that we conditioned on organic coconut and peanut. The resulting beer has rich aromas of toffee and burnt sugar made even more decadent with the addition of oily coconut and peanut. Flavors of macaroon, Bullseyes, Salted Nut Rolls, fig, molasses and marzipan. This is definitely a nutty treat!

  • Sonic Nurse
    Pilsner / 4.9% ABV / 45 IBU

    Look what the nurse brought you: your daily dose of pils! Here at Cellarmaker Hospital and Brewery all patients and customers are required to take their pils. No buts! We brewed this classic German Pilsner with 100% German pilsner malt and Hallertau mittelfrüh for a bready, spicy flavor and crackery, floral aromas. 100% naturally carbonated for lively bubbles that release the aroma and add a refreshing bite.

  • Bright Lights
    MC Saison / 5.8 % ABV / 25 IBU

    This brand new mixed-culture saison is conditioned on Buddha’s hand and the zest of lemon & Tahoe Gold mandarin. A new recipe that achieves a soft, fluffy texture with a slightly tart flavor and juicy citrus aromas that lead to mouth-coating hop oils. Keg conditioned for many months to bring you delectable brett & yeast expression.

  • Double Dry-Hopped Dobis
    Pale Ale

    This single hopped pale ale uses copious amounts of Citra hops to achieve a complex tasting experience. The Scottish Golden Promise malt presents a graham cracker like base for the Citra which infuses the brew with aromas of passionfruit, mango and peach and flavors of grapefruit rind and spice.

Friendly Reminder: We Are A 21+ Establishment

It is our goal to keep your taste buds intrigued by constantly producing different flavors

Cellarmaker Brewing Company

We are a San Francisco brewery producing small batches of experimental beers. It is our goal to keep your taste buds intrigued by constantly producing different flavors. To us, making the same 3-4 beers all the time would be boring in many ways. We hope you feel the same way and will make it out to our tasting room to sample our brews.  You just might find some of our beer out in the wild too (we’re on tap in about 25 Bay Area accounts, it is our intention to keep distribution local for many reasons).  Our limited output and choice to abandon the common concept of a set production schedule (and flagship beers) will allow us to constantly experiment with different hops, grains, barrels, and yeasts.

Since hoppy beers are the go-to for most people (us included), we generally have 3-5 hop-driven beers on tap in the tasting room most of the time.  We strive to make juicy + aromatic hoppy beers, not bitter.  Aside from the hoppy beers, we try to have a well balanced taplist; a little bit of something for everyone.  Expect to see a few dark and roasty options, something bright and effervescent, something Belgian inspired and something on the lighter side. The taplist on this page is up to date 99% of the time.

At the tasting room you will find our beers available in 5oz tasters, half pints, pints, as well as 1 Liter and 64oz growlers to go.  We sell glass growlers of the 1L and 64oz size with our logo for $8. We also sell stainless steel growlers with our logo, 1L for $20 and 2L for $25. We will fill 750ml, 32oz, 1L, 64oz and 2L growlers that have zero logos showing or have the logos properly covered. For more details on our growler policy (we try to be as liberal as legally possible with growlers) check out our growlers page. It should answer all of your questions.