Cellarmaker Brewing Company – San Francisco, CA

2nd Anniversary Week Beer Bonanza:

~ Subject to change, the beer decides when it is ready ~

~ Growlers fills may be restricted at any time~

~ We DO NOT fill growlers of barrel aged or cask conditioned beers ~

THANK YOU!!! Let’s Party!


  • Hours: 3pm to 11pm
  • Double dry hopped Dobis~ 100 % Citra pale ale with 2X the dry hop, yes to growlers!
  • Cask Conditioned Pure Vibes IPA on Fresh Mosaic Hops at 3pm
  • The return of Dank Williams shirts


  • Hours: 3pm to 11pm
  • Mo’ Passion ~ Mosaic & Southern Passion IPA, yes to growlers!
  • Red Wine Jezebel ~ Red wine barrel aged STRONG saison


  • Hours: 3pm to 11pm
  • Coffee & Cigarettes ~ Smoked Coffee Porter, yes to growlers!
  • Chardonnay Wisdom ~ Chardonnay barrel aged saison


  • Hours: noon to Midnight
  • Flesh Tones #1 ~ Chardonnay barrel aged saison with nectarines & plums
  • Cask Conditioned Coffee & Cigarettes on Cascara (dried coffee skin) taps at noon ~ Fundraising cask for our friend Adam Koehler from Sightglass Coffee who was in a hit and run accident while on his bicycle. Check out his GoFundMe: https://www.gofundme.com/765d23s4
  • Taco Truck – El Tonayense at 5pm!!!
  • Anniversary Shirts with art drawn by our very own Assistant Brewer Wade Benker-Ritchey ~Meow! (Maybe Earlier)
  • 2 Growler fill maximum per a person


  • Hours: 11 AM to Midnight
  • Dank Williams ~ Double IPA ~ yes to growlers!
  • Bourbon Barrel Aged Vastness of Space Imperial Stout
  • Cask Conditioned Baby Blammo on Pumpkin Pie! Contains: Dairy, eggs, gluten ~ taps at 2PM
  • Vive La Tart Pizzas from 11:30am – 6pm
  • 2 Growler fill maximum per a person


  • Hours: 1 pm to 8 pm
  • Cask Conditioned Pure Vibes IPA on Fresh Mosaic Hops
  • 2 Growler fill maximum per a person

We are a San Francisco brewery producing small batches of experimental beers. It is our goal to keep your taste buds intrigued by constantly producing different flavors. To us, making the same 3-4 beers all the time would be boring in many ways. We hope you feel the same way and will make it out to our tasting room to sample our brews.  You just might find some of our beer out in the wild too (we’re on tap in about 20-25 Bay Area accounts, it is our intention to keep distribution local for many reasons).  Our limited output and choice to abandon the common concept of a set production schedule (and flagship beers) will allow us to constantly experiment with different hops, grains, barrels, and yeasts.  Get excited!

Since hoppy beers are the go-to for most people (us included), we generally have 3-5 hop-driven beers on tap in the tasting room most of the time. Aside from the hoppy beers, we try to have a well balanced taplist; a little bit of something for everyone.  Expect to see a few dark and roasty options, something bright and effervescent, something Belgian inspired and something on the lighter side. The taplist on this page is up to date 99% of the time.

At the tasting room you will find our beers available in 5oz tasters, half pints, pints, as well as 1 Liter and 64oz growlers to go.  We sell growlers of the 1L and 64oz size with our logo for $6. We also fill 750ml, 32 oz and 2L growlers that have zero logos showing or have the logos properly covered. For more details on our growler policy (we try to be as liberal as legally possible with growlers) check out our growlers page. It should answer all of your questions.

What’s On Tap At Cellarmaker

  • Flesh Tones #1
    The first in a series of barrel aged saisons with fruit added, Nectarine & plum for this batch. Very limited supply. Saison ~ 6.3% ABV / 6 IBU
  • Chardonnay Wisdom
    We aged our “Lost Wisdom” Saison in Bluxome Street Winery Chardonnay Barrels for 6 months. Tart, tropical, funky! Saison ~ 6.0% ABV / 6 IBU
  • Coffee & Cigarettes*
    Lightly smoked Coffee Porter with a custom blend of fresh coffee from our neighbors over at Sightglass! Smoked Porter ~  7.5% ABV/ 45 IBU
  • Mo’ Passion*
    Juicy IPA with Mosaic & South African Southern Passion. A staff favorite! IPA ~ 6.3% ABV/ 53 IBU
  • Red Wine Jezebel
    Red Wine barrel aged STRONG saison! ~ Barrel Aged Saison ~ 8.4% ABV/ 24 IBU
  • Double Dry Hopped Dobis*
    100 % Citra pale ale with Scottish Golden Promise malt. This batch has twice the Citra in the dry hop for maximum aroma & juiciness! Pale Ale 5.5% ABV/ 35 IBU
  • Tiny Dankster
    This crusher is hopped with Mosaic, Citra & Nelson hops. Hold me closer Tiny Dankster! Pale Ale ~ 5.8% ABV / 31 IBU
  • Admiration*
    Our tribute IPA.  This is a show of respect to the hop masters who inspired us over the years. Nelson,  Citra, Galaxy, Sterling & Centennial. IPA ~ 6.8% ABV 51 IBU
  • Baby Blammo!
    A smaller version of our previously released 14.5% “Blammo!” s but with 4x the coconut. Beer version of a Mounds™ bar! Coconut Stout ~ 7.7% ABV 45 IBU
  • Typo Pills*
    Crisp and clean with a hoppy bite. Conditioned/lagered for 5 weeks for a smooth complexity.  A true crusher! Pilsner ~ 5.3% ABV/ 27 IBU
  • Tim’s Brown*
    Featuring all floral & pine focused hops. CTZ, Chinook, Simcoe & Comet. Easy drinkin’ brown ale with an extra hop kick. ~ American Brown ~ 6.6 % ABV / 27 IBU
  • Batch 1 Porter*
    Roasty & chocolatey English malts, Slovenian hops & an abundance of flavor are packed into this highly drinkable Porter. ~ English Porter 4.9% ABV/ 32 IBU

*Indicates that a beer is currently available for growler fills.

Coming Soon…

  • New Saison
  • Dank Williams
  • Chardonnay Barrel Aged Saison w/Plums and Nectarines (anniversary)